Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Apps + Big Beers = Big City

BBB Rating - 4/5

Allston is a great place, let me tell you. You can find almost everything you need in a half mile radius from the center of Allston Village; Anna's burrito, stores with extensive booze selections (see Marty's and Blanchard's), dry cleaners on every corner, more take-out restaurants than you're cholestoral levels could handle, and a whole array of bars...those are just the ones that come to mind. Then smack dab in the middle of Allston you have Big City, which in itself has the elements of a great time: tasty bar food, broad beer selection, and pool tables!

Big City Allston
I thoroughly enjoy taking indulging in all three of these things. Some friends and I hit up Big City after deciding seeing the Deep Ellum was busier than an Japanese subway car. Big City has a pretty good beer selection, and the prices aren't that bad either...we got some pitchers of the light stuff for about $12, and later I got a Chimay which was $7.50.

But the real prize here was the potato skins. Good lord! First off, they were freaking enormous. And they weren't the skins where all you have is the skin...there was a hefty amount of potato in there.

To top it all off, Big City has real pool tables, none of that 7 ft. bar pool table crap. These tables are legit and everything is in pretty decent condition. Sure there is the broken cue tip here and there, but all in all it's a decent place to shoot some pool. If anybody wants to shoot some let me know...


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