Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deep Ellum - Allston, MA

Deep Ellum Draughts

BBB Rating - 5/5

Texas...the land of rootin' tootin' cowboys (well, besides T.O.), big steaks, weak politicians and a little place called Deep Ellum. I visit Deep Ellum a few times a week, just a short walk down the street. Except I live in Allston, have never seen a true cowboy, and the restaurant next door serves a selection of pizza, chinese food, and BBQ.

So what on earth could I be speaking of? Why the greatest bar in Allston for sure. Located on Cambridge St., right by the corner of Cambridge and Brighton Ave. sits the smallest, tastiest bar you will find in this neck of the woods. From the outside it looks like nothing but a small dive that has nothing going for it besides some windows and dark inside. But as soon as you step foot inside Deep Ellum, you know you've found something special. My roommate and I sat down at the bar and immediately claimed we had found heaven in a 20' x 100' brick building. Let's break it down:

  • The draught beer - about 20, constantly being changed for the seasons and keeping some popular ones. Favorites include the selection of Brookylns, Ommegangs, and Dogfish Heads.
  • Cask Beer!! - Enough said...these are few and far between in the U.S.
  • Bottled beer - selection does not change as much as the draught, but you ask for something special they might be able to pull it out of a hat
  • Food - tasty tasty tasty. May I recommend a nice beer, and a pretzel with the beer cheese. If you are really hungry, the Grubbins plate is a beauty
  • Liquor - these guys do not mess around, they are all very skilled with the booze. Ask Max (the man in charge of the sauce) to put something together with whatever you can throw at him

If you havent yet experienced Deep Ellum, it is worth the trip. I am lucky, for I am only a few blocks down the street so this heavenly spot is available to me in a jiffy. Check out the newly designed Deep Ellum Website and see what it's all about.

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