Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ashley's Post: The Beer Table

So I was showing a co-worker the beer heaven that is Boston Beer Bars and she suggested I put up a picture of the beer table in the apartment...what a brilliant idea! Here it is...

Bentley Beer Table
My Dad and I crafted this beauty during the summer of sophomore year of college. The table is made up of beer caps from a whole array of different beers and beer coasters from over the world (well, the States and Europe at least). It's been through a lot and served its purpose(s)...area for drinking games, poker games, a dancing stage...good times.

While I was taking this picture off my camera I found these two other photos I really liked. I got the camera for Christmas and I was messing around the night before and morning after a typical New England snow storm. Hope you like em'.

Boston at Night
The Prudential in Zoom

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