Monday, September 8, 2008

The Draft - Allston, MA

There are a handful of bars within a couple blocks of Allston Village center that provide pretty good food and beer selections. The Draft is no exception, yet they offer something that sets it apart from the likes of White Horse or Big outdoor patio.

Some of us made a trip down to The Draft a few Friday's ago. I had been to The Draft a few times before and it always seems to be a good time. The inside is fitted with the necesseties of a sports bar: flat screen TVs in all the ideal locations, a pool table, stage for the local band, jukebox with a solid selection (as far as bars go I guess), windows that open up into the street (who doesn't want to look out onto Harvard Ave., right?), and a decent beer selection. Sure, you won't be finding any Hennepin on tap, but The Draft offers up some good imports and domestics at decent prices.

The Draft, Allston, MA*note I did not take the photo, as if the wreath wouldn't give it away

The real winner for The Draft however is the outdoor patio. The patio is much larger and more accomodating than the Allston neighbor Deep Ellum, although the two really are shooting for different atmospheres so it isn't fair to compare. The Draft patio has 6 or 7 tables large tables (maybe a few smaller ones), a couple relaxing patio chairs, a I need to say more? To top it off, they keep a fully stocked bar outside, covered with an awning, with a flatscreen mounted above. Oh yes, it is glorious. We sat out one night to watch a Sox game and by the bottom of the 8th, there was a nice, rowdy crowd surrounding the bar.

If there's a game you want to watch and are looking to squeeze a few more outdoor drinking nights (or days) in before the brutal Boston weather hits, The Draft is a solid option.

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