Friday, August 1, 2008

Beer Cocktails - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'm feeling a bit, lively on this Friday afternoon. We've got a playoff game for a BSSC soccer team, and I feel that after our triumphant win we will need to indulge is celebratory beverages...who's kidding, beverages are happening with a loss or win.

For some reason I have beer cocktails on the mind, so I decided to throw together this short list of what I personally think represents the good, bad, and ugly of beer cocktails.

The Go To (good) - Snake Bite

This is a classic beer cocktail that can have a few different variations. The traditional 1/2 lager and 1/2 cider is a drink that I think one could steadily drink throughout the night without any bad results. Add 1 shot of Sambuca and you have a Snake Venom. Snake Bite Jack incorporates JD and blackcurrant. I'm pretty sure anybody could come up with a tasy cocktail with lager and cider.

For Dessert (good) - Irish Russian

This sounds thick and tasty...not to mention boozey. 1 shot vodka, 1 shot kahlua, splash of Coke, filled with Guinness.

Refreshing (good) - Turbo Shandy

If you've drank with me there is a good chance you have tried one of these. 1/2 lager, 1/2 smirnoff ice. "Dude, that is a girly drink cause it's got Smirnoff Ice!" Fine, throw a shot in there and you have...

Dangerous (bad) - Wife Beater

...a wife beater. Stella Artois is being rebranded in the UK as just 'Artois' because it has such a negative connotation with drunk, violent husbands...this cocktail doesn't help much.

Disgusting (ugly) - Urine Sample

Yea, there is no denying it. This beer cocktail has got to be as awful as the name sounds. 1 shot lager, 1 shot tequila....wait for it.....microwaved for 15 seconds. Hm.

For some other great (and not so great) beer cocktail recipes, check out


Broke But Still Drinking said...

How about enjoying some free beer from a complete stranger?

Gareth said...

As long as I know the beer hasn't been filed with anthrax...that is perfectly acceptable

Boston Knucklehead said...

That snake bite sounds really good. i will have to try that out. Anything I can drink for a while without bad results is good for me.