Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oakham Ales Bishops Farewell

Being a fan of English bitter ales and in particular Oakham Ales Jeffrey Hudson bitter, I had a feeling I was going to love this ESB. Just like the Jeffrey Hudson, the Bishops Farewell was served on cask at Deep Ellum. I am confident in saying that is one of the reasons this beer tastes so damn amazing. The Bishops Farewell, although a similar type of bitter, tastes and looks quite a bit different than the Jeffrey Hudson. It pours a lighter golden color and has a fruity, "flowery" taste. I wouldn't have guessed it from the taste, but being an ESB the Bishops Farewell is a little stronger than the Jeffrey Hudson.

With the thoughts of both Oakham Ales, I wondered if it would be possible to visit the brewery soon. I am heading over to my parents house near Cambridge, UK in May, and it turns out the brewery is only about an hour away!

Oakham Ales Brewery
Don't worry, there will be plenty of photos after that trip...


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