Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Living the High Life

As my love for great beer has grown, I've also realized how much I have underestimated a great American beer...Miller High Life. I honestly had never even had this beer before until a few months ago. Good ol' Green Briar in Brighton serves a bucket of the champagne, and that was my first experience. So now every once in a while at Deep Ellum I'll have a bottle of it too. And I love it...it tastes better than Miller Lite, and has some actual flavor compared to light beers like Bud Light and Coors Light. And what's better is that the stuff is even cheaper that the other light beers! The High Life bottle is actually a pretty cool design too.

Miller High Life
Now, go ask my roommate if he'd like a High Life. He'd probably say something along the lines of "Get that shit out of my face" blah blah blah...actually I know a few people who would say that. BUT I DONT CARE!! I stand by my new found love of the Champagne of Beers; Miller High Life.


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