Monday, January 21, 2008

The Sun WineFest '08 at Mohegan Sun

So I made it down to CT this Saturday and stayed over the night. We went to this place in town for some quality sushi/sake drinking and while talking with some friends, found out that The Sun WineFest was going down at Mohegan Sun the next day (Sunday). Even better, free tickets would be supplied!

The Sun WineFest 2008
This festival did not disappoint; a nice selection of beers, basically free shots around every corner you turned, and more wines than you could possibly drink. There were a few beers, scotches, cool liqueurs that stood out, such as Gordon & MacPhail Scotch, a chai liqueur called Voyant, and Dale's Pale Ale. I will soon have a follow up to this post with some photos and a review/info on Dale's Pale is probably the best beer to come from a can.

I'm actually a little disappointed in myself, as I cannot remember any of the names of the good wines I had. I know for sure one of the crap ones was from Long Island, but that doesn't say very much now does it? One notable wine booth was a Glastonbury company, the M&M Family of Wine. They seem to know all that is wine; even got a little lesson myself while I was there. If you want to learn about how to make your own wine or need the actual grapes to make wine, these guys have what you need. Thanks to Christina from M&M for hooking us up with the free tickets to the event too.


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