Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beer Review: Harpoon Munich Dark Ale

Being from Boston, Harpoon is a popular beer in a lot of the bars in the area. We've been to the Harpoon brewery for some festivals and I get the IPA at bars from time to time, but never get the stuff on cask. Leave it to Deep Ellum to have this delicious brew available as their cask.
Harpoon Munich Dark Ale
Now I hadn't had this beer before, even out of a bottle or regular draught, so I can't compare the bottle to cask in this beer review. The beer is medium bodied, very dark in color, and has a smooth taste. The head on the beer seemed to stay intact the whole time, always a nice treat. It wasn't a beer that I would order time and time again, however it was definately one of the better beers that I have had from the Deep Ellum cask. The Munich Dark Ale is great for the cold winter nights we get up here in Boston...which is probably why I went down two days later it was already gone :(. Damn New England weather.


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