Friday, September 17, 2010

Homebrewing: JP Pale Ale

The Fall season and cooler temperatures in New England lend themselves perfectly to home brewing in a city apartment. It's not always easy to maintain a consistent temperature without a basement or extra fridge, and an overheating fermenter is usually dealt with a cold, wet towel and a fan. With the weather this past weekend being relatively cool, I decided to brew a simple American Pale Ale. I didn't want this ale to be overly bitter, but still wanted to have a refreshing hoppiness to it. A 45 minute boil was done with a slight emphasis on finishing hops, and the shorter boil time also reduces the amount of boil-off.

JP Pale Ale

3.5 gallon boil volume
3 gallon batch (15% boil-off)

Grain Bill:
3# Extra Light DME
.5# Crystal 40L

Late extract additions: half the extract at 30 minutes, and 1/2 at 15 minutes

Hop Schedule (1 oz. Cascade & 1 oz. Centennial):
.5oz Cascade and .1oz Centennial @ 45 min.
.2oz Centennial @ 15 min.
.25oz Cascade @ 10 min.
.25oz Cascade and .2oz Centennial @5 min.

Pitched Nottingham dry yeast @ 75F

Dry hop with .5oz Centennial once target FG is reached

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.012
IBU: 38
ABV: 4.5%

I'll follow up in a few weeks time with a review of how it came out.

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