Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ramping Up for Boston's Belgian Beer Week

With Oktoberfest festivities coming to an end this week, Boston beer lovers have got something great to look forward to: The Return of the Belgian Beer Fest, hosted by BeerAdvocate on October 16th and 17th. Two days of Belgian and Belgian-inspired beers from the a large number of breweries makes this a top event for the 2009 calendar. Not to be outdone by themselves in previous years, the Alstrom brothers have put together a themed Belgian Beer Week leading up to the festival. The scheduled events include an Ithaca beer dinner at Green Street on October 12th and a pre-festival party at The Asgard on October 15th. In addition to these events, a special beer dinner is being held at Eastern Standard on October 14th: Gallia Belgica. Not only is this sure to be an adventure for the pallet, but guests will include a handful of well-respected and renowned brewers: Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company, Patrick Rue of The Bruery, Dann Paquette of Pretty Things, and Rob Tod of Allagash.

Information on all these events and tickets for the Belgian Beer Festival can be found at BeerAdvocate.com. The tickets are selling fast, and Night of the Funk tickets should be gone very soon Night of the Funk has just sold out. I will be at NotF as a volunteer, and at Session One on Saturday as a drinker. Hoping to meet some great people and drink some awesome beer!

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