Friday, April 10, 2009

Previous B-Side Lounge (now Lord Hobo) Update

Andy Crouch from has been updating readers on the status of the proposed beer bar that is taking the place of the old B-Side lounge (the new bar is to be called Lord Hobo).

Based on a previous post by Andy that included a large portion of commentary from the meeting between the owner and Cambridge City commission, it seems that there has been difficulties in transferring the bar's license. The commentary is actually pretty interesting because of the questions that are asked regarding last call times and opinions of the neighbors of the location speaking up; it also sheds light on the amount of work that owners must go through to get places like this up and running.

Andy's post today discussed the most recent (good) news, and it looks like the transfer of the license has been approved. From the article:

"After the debate, which included the concerned input of a member of the Cambridge City Council, the commission voted to allow the license transfer with several conditions. The commission is requiring the Lord Hobo to submit monthly revenue receipts to demonstrate that it really does achieve its stated food-to-alcohol ratio and that the license is conditionally only allowed until 1 a.m., with the agreement of Lanigan." - from

It's good to see this place is moving in a positive direction, and I'm looking forward to the actual opening of Lord Hobo.

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hipster bangs said...

Lord Hobo sound like it will be delightfully hipstery. Sign me up!