Sunday, November 23, 2008

Timothy Taylor's Landlord Ale

During a summer trip to Yorkshire, I can remember driving through villages looking for this one pub that served a beer my Dad kept calling 'Timmy Taylor's.' He would obsess over this beer. Being young at the time, I wasn't too interested in crazy British beer so I didn't think much of it. The young really are foolish.

This is probably the best session beer, if not one of the better beers, I've had. Timothy Taylor's Landlord culminates all that is a great, true British beer. The Timothy Taylor brewery makes five or six different varieties of beer (including a bitter), but the Landlord is known as the bread and butter of the lot. Served as cask-conditioned, the feel and overall sensation of the beer is amazing. Unfortunately, you won't be finding any Landlord on cask in the U.S....actually it will be hard enough to find a bottle. My reason for writing this was because I was able to bring a few bottles back on my most recent trip. Luckily they all survived, and were worth the extra weight in the suitcase. Although the bottled version of the beer doesn't taste as good or have the same smooth feel as the cask, it is still a worthy ale.


Anonymous said...

It's quite true TT Landlord is one of the most drinkable ales ever brewed. A favorite of mine, along with other fine ales from Yorkshire like Theakston's Best, Black Sheep Bitter and Fuggles Bitter.

A truly sad thing we in the USA cannot enjoy this on a regular basis but it's one of the reasons I find it necessary to go to England at least once a yesr!

Tom said...

I brew beer at home and recently bought an ingredient kit to make a clone of TT Landlord. Same grain bill, same hops, and the yeast strain is purportedly from TT. The yeast is no longer available (it was a limited edition) but if the ale tastes as good as I suspect it will I certainly plan to reuse the yeast a few times!

Gareth said...

I would argue Landlord is certainly a good enough reason to make a trip to England.

Tom, that would be amazing. I would love to start brewing my own beer, especially a Landlord clone! I really need to take on home brewing this summer.