Thursday, June 12, 2008

PJ Ryan's - Somerville, MA

I have fond memories of PJ Ryan's...

Drinking at P.J. Ryan's
Victory! I can say this is the only bar which I have drank out of trophy in. We went here after our SBS soccer games; this shot was taken on the night we took the Championship! But enough about our professional Boston sports team...

P.J. Ryan's is a cozy little bar in Somerville which offers up a cool (but sometimes cramped) atmosphere and good times. It's a pretty good place to watch games at, as they have a number of flat screens scattered around the bar and a drop down projector screen. Their selection of beer is pretty good too, including the usual domestics, some Northeast brewers such as Brookyln, Ipswich, Wachussett, and some more expensive Belgium beers. But as I said, it does get a bit cramped because it is pretty small and they have this large piece of furniture in the middle of the half is benches for high-top tables while the other half is a place to put your drinks while standing at the bar. If you do happen to get some room to fit a plate down, try out the nachos with chili...bomb!

I will probably be hitting up P.J. Ryan's the same time next year, hopefully with a bigger trophy too.


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