Monday, May 5, 2008

Beer Review: Otter Head

I picked up a bottle of this from Blanchard's.They had two beers from Otter Brewery, the Otter Head and the Otter Ale.

I was honestly caught a little off guard from the Otter Head, but it is by no means a bad beer; it is actually pretty tasty. I think I was expecting something a little different from this English strong ale. The beer pours an amber, brownish-red color with a "murky" finish once settled. There also wasn't much of a head to the beer , which works with the thinner feel the beer had.

Otter Head
There was definitely the taste of the barley wine, and the taste stays in the mouth a good time after. At 5.8% it is the strongest beer that Otter Brewery produces. The taste of the alcohol is there, but not overwhelming; a very drinkable brew...could be dangerous on draught. I would order the Otter Head if I saw it on draught. Would I buy it from the store again? Sure, it might make a good fallback brew. And I definitely want to try the Otter Brewery Bitter.


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