Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boston Beer Summit Recap

Session 2 of the Boston Beer Summit was a good one, with plenty of breweries (I think the final list was something like 66) and mass amounts of beer. We got there pretty much smack on 12:30 and it was already pretty busy; definitely busy than it was the same time last year. But the Castle never felt overcrowded, even when it came time for a (frequent) trip to the bathroom...they were smart enough this year to get some port-o-johns so the lines weren't as bad as last year.

But the beer! Most of the breweries were local to New England and New York, but there were a few outside the northeast. We started with IPAs only...and now that I think back on it that was a pretty bold move. I was definitely feeling their rath within the first hour. Our plan was to try and pick the type beer from a number of styles; but honestly, that didn't work so well. I do know that for IPA's I enjoyed Sebago's IPA (Maine) and Redhook's Longhammer (New Hampshire).

Unibroue is a brewery that I love that was there. I think they are most recognizable for their magical fantasy land labels. All there beer is crazy delicious and their label artwork is awesome. Check out the Maudite label.

I've been meaning to post up a review on some of their due time.

Oh, and check out the official Boston Beer Summit mug that everybody got. Mini beers!

Boston Beer Summit Mug

In all it was a good time and got to taste some good brews. I'm looking forward to the American Craft Beer Fest in June.


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