Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boston Beer Summit and Bar Golf

I'm pumped...and cannot wait for 12:30 Saturday afternoon to roll around for the session 2 of the Boston Beer Summit.

For those who couldn't get a ticket to the Boston Beer Summit Saturday session, you could always join the Boston Bar Golf Invitational pub crawl. Here is a example breakdown of the scoring structure from the website:

Hole 1 - Par 1 - Bonus Shot is 1 Tequilla shot
Have 1 beer - Score 1
Have 2 beers - Score 2
Have 2 beers and spilled a drink - Score 1
Have 1 beers and a Tequilla shot - Score 3
Have 2 beers and a Tequilla shot, but I fell down: Score 2

Whatever drinking activity you choose, it should be a good weekend.

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