Friday, February 29, 2008

The Common Ground - Allston, MA

Ok so maybe it's a week later, but I say The Common Ground is still worth the post. First of all, thanks to Ash for hooking us up for some free Hoeegaarden beer...that always gives the bar some extra points.

This was the first time I had gone to The Common Ground, but not the first attempt. A group of us always make our way down to that area, but The Common Ground always has a line by time we get to it. And they charge a cover. That was the one gripe I had with this place...this is Allston, not downtown Boston. Its not even expensive, only $3, but its the fact of the matter that we had to pay a cover in Allston...before 10pm! That aside this bar is real cool.

The beer selection at The Common Ground is pretty good and has a decent amount of a nice wide selection of beers, but don't expect to find some of the more rare, craft type beers you might find at Publick House or Deep Ellum. However, they did have Dale's Pale Ale on draught, which was pretty interesting. The food at The Common Ground was also pretty good and decently priced. I ordered up the sliders (mini-cheeseburgers) and would definately recommend them.


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Marc said...

Their Irish pizza almost killed me, but it was well worth it. And the beer select is definitely good--love the fact that they have Chimay there. Good burgers, too!